jQuery Training

Mind Bird Solutions jquery trainging program designed to help inexperienced programmers develop real-world, job-role-specific skills—this Training focuses on creating applications with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Build hands-on expertise through a series of lessons, exercises, and suggested practices—and help maximize your performance on the job.


  • We will provide real time project training with code explanation and implementation.
  • Our training modules are completely designed according to current IT market.
  • After completion of 55% of course, student will go through Major Project Training, Live Project Training, Interview Preparation and Recruitment process in IT Industry.
  • Student will go through the training of HTML, CSS and Javascript concepts as a complimentary package before starting of jQuery.
  • We offer regular, fast track and weekend training in jQuery Courses.


jQuery Training Program
Getting Started with jQuery
  • Downloading the Most Recent Version of jQuery
  • Using jQuery with Other Libraries
  • Starting Processing When the DOM Tree is Ready
  • jQuery Utility Functions
Forming Wrapped Sets with jQuery Selectors
  • CSS Selectors
  • Hierarchical Selectors
  • Basic Filters
  • Content Filters
  • Visibility Filters
  • Attribute Filters
  • Child-Specific Filters
  • Form Element Filters
  • Additional Wrapped Set Methods
Event-Driven Programming with jQuery
  • Event Helpers
  • Interaction Helpers: toggle() and hover()
  • jQuery Event Objects
  • jQuery Live Events
jQuery and Ajax
  • The load() Wrapped Set Method
  • Basic Ajax Requests with $.get() and $.post()
  • $.getJSON() and $.get Script()
  • Exercising Complete Control with $.ajax()
  • Global Ajax Events
  • Ajax Helper Methods
Developing jQuery Plugins
  • Best Practices
  • Utility Function Plugins
  • Wrapped Set Method Plugins
  • Providing Default Argument Values
XSLT Transformations with jQuery [upon request; adds 1/4 day to the class at additional cost]
  • Using the jQuery Transform plug-in
  • Performing transformations
  • Handling transformation output
  • Passing parameters to XSLT stylesheets
jQuery Unit Testing [upon request; adds 1/4 day to the class at additional cost]
  • Using the QUnit Framework
  • Developing a Sample HTML Page for Testing
  • Analysis of a jQuery Unit Test Script
jQuery UI Training Outline
Getting Started with jQuery
  • Downloading the Most Recent Version of jQuery UI
  • Using an Existing Theme or Creating Your Own
  • jQuery Wrapped Set Methods Extended by jQuery UI
  • jQuery UI Animation Effects
  • Using Animations with show(), hide() and toggle()
jQuery UI Interaction Helpers
  • Draggables
  • Droppables
  • Resizables
  • Selectables
  • Sortables
jQuery UI User Interface Elements, Part I
  • Progressbar
  • Slider
  • Datepicker
  • Dialog
  • Button
  • Autocomplete
jQuery UI User Interface Elements, Part II
  • Tabs
  • Accordions
jQuery UI Plugins
  • Using an Object to Retain State Information
  • Using a Single Method with an Action Argument
  • Creating a Plugin Using $.widget()
  • Adding Callbacks to a Plugin


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