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Magento’s flexible, feature-rich eCommerce solutions help you get the most from your online channel. Get the right traning to develop online shop in magento. Mind Bird Solutions is expert in Magento, a PHP based ecommerce platform owned by eBay that we use to create a better buying experience for our clients’ customers. If you are looking to learn a Magento ecommerce developer, we can provide all the expertise you need. Mind Bird Solutions provides Magento training according to the current requirement of IT industry. Magento was built using the Zend Framework.


MAGENTO Training


Basics of Magento


  • General OOP and MVC concepts
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Magento module-based architecture
  • Magento directory structure/naming conventions/code pools/namespaces/module structure
  • Configuration XML
  • Factory and functional class groups
  • Class overrides
  • Event observer Page 6 v.021811
  • Request Flow
  • Application initialization
  • Front controller
  • URL rewrites
  • Request routing
  • Modules initialization
  • Design and layout initialization
  • Structure of block templates
  • Flushing data (output)




  • Template structure
  • Blocks
  • Design layout SML schema, CMS content directives


Working with Database in Magneto


  • Models resource and collections
  • Magneto Object Relational Mapping
  • Write, install and upgrade scripts using set up resources


Entity-Attribute-Value model


  • Model concepts
  • EAV entity
  • Load and Save
  • Attributes management


Admin HTML


  • Common structure/architecture
  • Form and Grid Widgets
  • System configuration XML and configuration scope
  • ACL (permissions)
  • Enabling and configuring extensions

  • Recommend Practical hours for student except class hours is 90 Hrs.
  • We also provide weekend classes for all courses.
  • After completion of 55% of course, student will go through Live Project Training, Interview Preparation and Recruitment process in Software Industry.
  • Student will go through the training of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as a complimentary package before starting of PHP and Mysql. This is optional.


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