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Siebel Core Consultant Course

The Siebel 8.1.x Integration course teaches participants about a variety of strategies to integrate Siebel applications with other applications. Participants learn about Siebel Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies that support a variety of integration approaches (data exchange using integration workflows, web services, and data federation). Participants then learn how to implement point-to-point integrations using these strategies. Mind Bird Solutions training program will help in learning some techniques and general approaches to application accessibility.


What you will learn




This Siebel 8.1.x Core Consultant Course is a 25-day course that teaches you how to install and configure a Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Enterprise, Siebel Server, Siebel Web Server Extension, Siebel Management Server and Agent, Siebel Developer Web client and Siebel Tools. Expert Oracle University instructors will walk you through multi-server installation, multilingual installation and LDAP support configuration through a combination of instruction and hands-on practices.




Learn To:




Install Siebel CRM Software.


Configure objects using Siebel Tools.


Administer, monitor and deploy Components.


Configure workflow, task UI and the inbox


Use SmartScript, Data Validation Manager and State Model.


Understand basic performance tuning.


Use Application Deployment Manager (ADM) to deploy application customizations to other Siebel Enterprises.


Deploy required ActiveX controls for High Interactivity clients.


Configure application components, parameters and configuration files.


Use the command-line server manager interface, logging and event notification.


Gather diagnostic information using Siebel Application Response Measurement (SARM).


Troubleshoot common tool errors.




Benefits to You




Implementation team members will develop the technical knowledge and skills to install, configure and administer Siebel CRM applications in this comprehensive course. Taking this course will help you ensure a smooth and rapid installation of a Siebel Enterprise and the related Siebel CRM components.




Additional Topics




You'll also learn how to use Siebel Tools to configure user interface layer objects, business layer objects, data layer objects, access control, repository deployment and user properties. The final section addresses Siebel business services, Workflow, Task UI, Assignment Manager, Inbox configuration, Smartscript, State Model and Data Validation Manager.




  Please Note




Instead of scheduling this as one course in 3 consecutive weeks, some countries schedule the 3 component courses separately:


Siebel 8.1.x Installation and System Administration (5-days)


Siebel 8.1.x Tools (5-days)


Siebel 8.1.x Business Automation (5-days)








Application Developers




Support Engineer


Technical Administrator


Technical Consultant




Related Training




Suggested Prerequisites


Siebel 8.0 Fundamentals




 Course Objectives




Configure alternative authentication mechanisms, such as LDAP, within a Siebel Enterprise


Migrate application customizations from one Siebel Enterprise to another


Monitor a Siebel Enterprise by examining log and performance information files


To configure drilldowns, picklists, and multi-value groups


To configure object layers to meet business requirements


To extend the database tables in a Siebel application to meet business requirements


Install and configure a Siebel Enterprise with one or more Siebel Servers and languages


To deploy a configured repository


Assign business data efficiently using Siebel Assignment Manager


Create, test, and deploy Siebel workflow processes and tasks


Use Siebel SmartScript to script employee interactions with customers


Build validation rule sets for Siebel Data Validation Manager


Enable Siebel Inbox access for existing data types


Adjust application parameters to improve performance


Install and configure additional Siebel CRM components, such as the Siebel Management Agent and Server, Siebel Tools, and the Siebel Developer Web client


Manage a Siebel Enterprise by modifying component parameters and editing configuration files




 Course Topics




Installing a Siebel Enterprise


Installing Siebel Management Agent and Server


Installing Tools and the Developer Web Client


Configuring Multiservers and Languages


Siebel Architecture


System Monitoring


Application Deployment Manager (ADM)


Performance Considerations


Check in/check out, projects, and object definitions


Templates, Applets, Views, Screens, and Applications


Business Components, Fields, Joins, Links, and Business Objects


Data Model, tables, indexes, mappings, and case insensitivity


Drilldowns, toggles, picklists, and multi-value groups


Access control, user properties, repositories, and troubleshooting


Siebel Business Services


Siebel Workflow Processes and Run-Time Events


Siebel Universal Inbox


Siebel Data Validation Manager (DVM)


Task UI




State Model


Assignment Manager

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