About us


Mind Bird Solutions Private Limited Company, established in the year 2009, focuses on off-shore small-team software development  with a team of seasoned professionals. We specialize in software product development, and have delivered commercial-grade systems repeatedly. We follow Agile methods and believe in collaboration more than documents to get new stuff developed. We are focused on getting to done, together with clients.

We have a flexible culture and laissez-faire atmosphere that is conducive to techies and geeks to flower, but is also prone to misinterpretation. We know the difference between a consciously un-managed organization and a mis-managed one.

Our strategy was simple: improved local advantages with a global delivery model, generate compulsive business benefits for clients, deliver on-the-dot every time and expand rapidly building on delivery strengths.

We are creatives, technologists, and intellectuals

It’s all about our people. We live and breathe digital. We think outside the box. We push the envelope. Our highly experienced cross functional teams are from analytical, creative and technical backgrounds. What makes us so unique is how we work together to marry user experience with technology.  Get to know us better through our knowledge section.

We welcome you to explore working with us.

 "Our Presence is for purposes, than maximizing profits"

Our Brand